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Ideal Print – Toby’s Barber Shop

“The Implement and Trading Co.” building is now home to Ideal Print, who amongst other things, publish The Blue Mountain Express (the first issue of which was on the 3rd of May 2002).

It became Toby’s Barber Shop for the movie.

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Two early shots during the MC047s missing preparation for filming …GS021s missing
A later shot. IP003 missingThe colour of the barbers pole has changed, the window sign-writing has been completed and the light and sign over the door have been installed, replacing the earlier decoration.
IP002 missingA full barbers shop interior was built
MC135s missing MC136s missing
MC137s missing MC138s missing
Unfortunately, the shop was not always open … GS062s missing

After the movie, the building was repainted and fitted with the orange sun-shades shown below.

GS147s missing

IP001 missing

Ideal Print was sold in October 2016 and Victoria’s Emporium has opened in the rear of the building.GS236s missing

Tapanui Courier – Farmers Supply

The old Tapanui Courier (a newspaper which was published from 1879 to 1998) building had until recently been used by the Tapanui Toy Library.

At the time of filming, the building was completely empty. For the movie, a shop interior was built to house the “Farmers Supply” feed store.

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GS148s missing GS149s missing
GS014s missing GS059s missing

A wide range of goods were available from the Farmers Supply …

MC148s missing
MC147s missing MC146s missing

Four Square – Food Mart

The local “Four Square” supermarket became a “Food Mart”.

During the fiming, the supermarket remained open which is why there is a “Four Square” advertising sign on the footpath in front of the shop. During “takes” the sign was put inside the shop and only those people appearing as “extras” were allowed on the street in the area being filmed.

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GS165s missing GS090s missing
MC054s missing MC108s missing
MC107as missing

The old Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) building, built in 1919, was converted into a private home some years back.

For the movie it became the Douglas County Sheriff office. During the month of filming in the township, sheriff cars were often parked on the road outside the building.

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GS156s missing
GS083s missing
This plaque was positioned to the right of the main doors …
GS087s missing
… easier to read …
… the emblem above the doorway … with two of the Sheriff cars parked up
the side of the building …


These photos show the preparations being made to film one scene down Main Street …

GS073s missing GS075s missing
GS076s missing GS077s missing
GS082s missing GS085s missing
GS100s missing

The BNZ building still has the original bank foyer and Manager’s Office on the ground floor. The building was sold in March 2016 and is used as a private home.

BNZ Building For Sale

The former Bank of New Zealand building (now a private home) was sold in March 2016.


RTL – Veterinary Hospital

The building currently occupied by RTL on the corner of Norfolk Street was formerly the West Otago medical centre. (A new medical centre has been built at the northern end of town on the Tapanui-Raes Juction highway).

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GS172s missing

A quick change of signs saw it gain a medical connection again as it became the Millhaven Veterinary Hospital, located on the corner of Franklyn Street.

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GS097s missing GS096s missing

PGG – More Value Hardware

A few sign changes meant that the PGG farm supply store became More Value Hardware.

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GS037s missing
Then after it was all over (with new advertising posters in the windows …GS161s missing

Farmlands – Farmlands

The Farmlands farm supply store was left untouched for the movie.


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GS176s missing GS177s missing

The Tapanui Fire Station (home to the Tapanui Volunteer Fire Brigade) had a quick change of signs to become the Millhaven Fire Station.

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GS166s missing GS042s missing
GS168s missng GS040s missing
GS169s missing GS041s missing
A car for the fire chief was also required …GS091s missing

A Douglas County Mack fire engine arrived for the filming.

This machine is listed as part of the Wellington Fire Museum collection as a 1978 Mack CF685, having served in Wellington, Wellington Relief, Gisborne and Paremoremo.
The New Zealand registration of JR426 appears in these photos.

SOOHS – Hardware Store

SOOHS (pronounced “Sues”) stands for Small Owner Operated Hair Salon. It is owned and operated by Sue!

It became a hardware store for the movie. The school bus was filmed driving past it.

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SOOHS before GS170s missing filming startedGS171s missing
… and GS094s missing during filming …GS095s missing
HH023s missing
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