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The School Bus

It is believed that the school bus came from somewhere in Europe and returned there after the filming was finished.

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Initially it was parked in Dynes Transport yard waiting for the filming to start.

… wearing a
Douglas County registration …GS003s missing
… alongside a tank trailer used to carry milk from the farm for processing …GS002s missing
… all sign writing completed …GS001s missing … parked in Maple Street during filming …MC083s missing
Sometimes a little work is required before a shot …NL045s missing

Filming along Main Street.

Sometimes, more than one take is requiredMC098 missing as this sequence of photos shows …MC099s missing
MC100s missing MC102s missing
MC103s missing MC104s missing

Vehicles Parked Everywhere

The vehicles which had been bought into Tapanui/Millhaven for the filming were not all used at once or at the same times.

Some of them spent most (if not all) of their time parked at the kerb-side.

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… Sheriff car outside Maddox Pharmacy …MC163s missing … parked near Bushyhill Street …MC142s missing
… parked outside Seasons …MC181s missing … with Douglas County registration …MC182s missing
… outside Tuck’s Pantry …MC184s missing … outside Jill’s Clockworks …MC185s missing
… outside Forest Lodge …MC186s missing … outside The Yellow Diner …MC187s missing
… outside Forest Lodge …MC188s missing … outside the Food Mart …FS002s missing
… outside the St. John’s Ambulance Station …NL049s missing … outside the Yellow Diner …NL078s missing
… outside Hammer Hardware …HH053s missing

Others were moved around as required but parked when filming for the day was over.

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Parked behind the PGG building on 16 April 2015 …PGG003s missing … the Sheriff cars still looking nice and new …PGG002s missing


RSA – VFW Post

The West Otago RSA (Returned Services Association) building became VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) Post 10651.

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Only the end wall of the building was changed for the movie…

Originally …
GS218s missing
Putting up the VFW signs …
GS038s missing
A flagpole was erected and a flower bed planted

… and now …

GS225s missing
GS235s missing GS234s missing

There is a Flugelminenwerfer (German Trench Mortar) from WW1 mounted outside the building …

GS220s missing GS226s missing

Tuck’s Pantry – Tuck’s Pantry

Although Tuck’s Pantry retained its identity for the movie, a few changes were made. The angle of the roof above the verandah was changed, the front of the building painted and new signs applied.

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An early shot during the preparation for filming …CIMG4383 missing Roof work done, building painted and signs are upCIMG4397 missing
CIMG4502 missing MC033s missing
MC032s missing MC031s missing
MC030s missing NL017s missing
… meanwhile, MC074s missing inside the pantry …MC075s missing
… and afterCIMG4638 missing the filming …CIMG4639 missing
Tuck’s Pantry was sold in July 2016 and became a Butcher’s shop (again).GS237s missing

La Hoods – Maddox Pharmacy

La Hoods Pharmacy on the corner of Northumberland and Suffolk Streets, became Maddox Pharmacy on the corner of Main and Sycamore Streets.

The signs around the building were changed as were the displays in the windows.

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La Hoods Pharmacy is on the cornerGS181s missing next to the Tapanui Courier buildingGS183s missing
Maddox Pharmacy is on the cornerGS105s next to the Farmers Supply

Seasons – Movie Theatre & Seasons

The normal entrance to Seasons shop became the entrance to the Movie Theatre. Seasons remained open throughout the period of the filming, with access to the Post Office boxes (covered by the posters advertising the movies currently screening) being from within the shop.

(And yes, the posters showing what movies were being screened did change during the filming.)

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GS153s missing MC068s missing
GS056s missing GS057s missing
MC113s missing MC112s missing
MC111s missing NL004s missing
GS152s missing GS058s missing

Joyce and John McKeown sold Seasons in February 2016 to Pat and Donna Sloane.

GS222s missing GS221s missing

… and showing the new “New Zealand Post” signs …
(click on the photo to see the mural on the side wall)

SE001s missing

The building that the Tapanui Gym is housed in was split into two for the movie.

The half nearest Seasons became Gloria’s Fashion Coiffures while the other half became the Law Offices of Muller and McClurg.

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GS151s missing

GS019s missing GS020s missing
Attention to detailNL005s missing in the window display …NL006s missing

After the filming finished, the Gym moved into the section that had been the Law Offices (next to Ideal Print). Previously the Gym had occupied the whole building.
In November 2015, “Farm Refunds Ltd” moved into the section nearest Seasons.
GS189s missing

GS190s missing GS185s missing


Empty Cafe – Jill’s Clockworks

This building was previously home to the “Hungry Hound” cafe and before that “Gallery 1”. The building was not being used when the movie crew arrived in town.

For the movie, the building was repainted to a dark chocolate brown colour and became Jill’s Clockworks. A display of clocks was created in the front window.

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Start of preparation for filming – new paint colour.GS012s missing New signs completedGS026s missing
GS027s missing GS067s missing
After the movie, the building was repainted by the new owner and became the “Cola Culture Cafe”.GS233s missing
In April 2017 the building was again sold and became an office.

Forest Lodge – Forest Lodge

The Forest Lodge Hotel remained unchanged for the movie, apart from one sign change which now advertised that it had a salad bar and color TV!

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GS068s missing NL059s missing
the Millhavn mailman
GS140s missing GS139s missing

The bar area was used a lot by the crew working on the movie as a watering hole (and eating establishment) in the evenings.

Meanwhile, the Blue Mountain Bistro (or Blue Mountain Restaurant as it was sometimes known) was taken over by the movie’s wardrobe department as a base for the costumes which were used by the locally recruited cast extras.

The Bistro/Restaurant has new people running it and is now known as The Robin & Co.

Wylie’s Garage – Wylie’s Garage

Apart from the removal of some advertising signs, Wylie’s Garage remained the same for the filming.

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