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Filming – Crew and Equipment

A lot of people and equipment was used for the filming …

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On Linden Street outside Kidz Way
GS048s missing
Preparations on Sycamore Street
NL083s missing
How to film
NL082s missing
a moving vehicle
HH066s missing HH071s missing

The film unit was parked on the Blue Mountain College grounds for the week of filming in Millhaven, but their vehicles could also be found anywhere around Tapanui

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HH052s missing
Filming on the corner of Pine Street and River Road

One of the largest pieces of equipment used was this light diffuser for filming at night …

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HH111s missing
A night shot of the main boom camera.

An incident took place outside the Farmers Supply and Maddox Pharmacy buildings …

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MC175s missing MC163s missing
MC170s missing MC166s missing

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GS111s missing

A notice had been placed on this area some weeks before filming started requesting that the grass NOT be mown.

GS010s missing

The wall down the back of the area was erected for the filming and removed afterwards.

MC027s missing MC167s missing