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Filming – Conical Hill

While the filming being done in Tapanui could be seen by anybody and everybody, the old Blue Mountain Lumber site at Conical Hill was closed off. Only cast, crew and extras were permitted in there, so there are not many photos available at the moment to show what happened there.

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A lot of the filming was doneGS116s missing inside the buildings.GS117s missing
It could be seen from the roadGS113s missing that some vehicles had been damaged.GS114s missing

Filming – Preparation

While the work on transforming the shops took a lot of work, it was also necessary to transform other parts of the streets from Tapanui to Millhaven.

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NL003s missing
American flags were put up (this one on the corner of Main and Maple Streets)
NL012s missing
A mail box outside Jill’s Clockworks
HH039s missing
The Millhaven Courier

Filming – Night

The pictures of the filming which took place at night in Tapanui have been removed from this website as the night scenes were not used in the movie.

Filming – Traffic Control

As a national highway (SH90) passes through Tapanui (along Northumberland and Suffolk Streets), traffic control was required to stop traffic passing through the town during film “takes”.

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MC110s missing HH010s missing

It could be quite confusing for drivers passing through Tapanui at this time, as New Zealand vehicles drive on the LEFT side of the road, while Millhaven (set in the USA) was set up for vehicles to drive on the RIGHT side of the road.

Traffic control was also required to stop traffic a suitable distance away from where a “take” was happening, to ensure that no traffic noise could be heard on the film.

GS047s missing GS049s missing
GS055s missing GS089s missing

Filming – General

Millhaven was a busy place as the filming took place…

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NL070s missing HH064s missing
MC175s missing

Thanks Tapanui

A plaque from the cast and crew of “Pete’s Dragon” thanking Tapanui has been erected alongside the Tapanui Courier building.

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GS232s missing GS231s missing
GS230s missing

The plaque takes the form of a circular saw-blade (with the teeth covered in a safety band) cutting through a log of wood.

Vehicles – Logging Truck

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NL069s missing

GS050s missing GS092s missing

When the logging truck was not on the move around Millhaven, it could be found parked – wherever!

GS102s missing GS104s missing