Millhaven Vehicles Archives

Vehicles – Logging Truck

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NL069s missing

GS050s missing GS092s missing

When the logging truck was not on the move around Millhaven, it could be found parked – wherever!

GS102s missing GS104s missing

Sheriff’s Cars

It is believed that a total of 10 cars were imported from the USA for the movie.

When not being used for filming, some were parked in the general parking area behind the PGG building.

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MC077s missing NL081s missing
… parked down the side of the Food Mart …FS003s missing … in Green Street (on the Tapanui side of the road!)…NL047s missing

When used during the filming, they could be found filming outside Maddox Pharmacy …

MC163s missing MC166s missing
MC168s missing MC170s missing

The School Bus

It is believed that the school bus came from somewhere in Europe and returned there after the filming was finished.

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Initially it was parked in Dynes Transport yard waiting for the filming to start.

… wearing a
Douglas County registration …GS003s missing
… alongside a tank trailer used to carry milk from the farm for processing …GS002s missing
… all sign writing completed …GS001s missing … parked in Maple Street during filming …MC083s missing
Sometimes a little work is required before a shot …NL045s missing

Filming along Main Street.

Sometimes, more than one take is requiredMC098 missing as this sequence of photos shows …MC099s missing
MC100s missing MC102s missing
MC103s missing MC104s missing

Vehicles Parked Everywhere

The vehicles which had been bought into Tapanui/Millhaven for the filming were not all used at once or at the same times.

Some of them spent most (if not all) of their time parked at the kerb-side.

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… Sheriff car outside Maddox Pharmacy …MC163s missing … parked near Bushyhill Street …MC142s missing
… parked outside Seasons …MC181s missing … with Douglas County registration …MC182s missing
… outside Tuck’s Pantry …MC184s missing … outside Jill’s Clockworks …MC185s missing
… outside Forest Lodge …MC186s missing … outside The Yellow Diner …MC187s missing
… outside Forest Lodge …MC188s missing … outside the Food Mart …FS002s missing
… outside the St. John’s Ambulance Station …NL049s missing … outside the Yellow Diner …NL078s missing
… outside Hammer Hardware …HH053s missing

Others were moved around as required but parked when filming for the day was over.

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Parked behind the PGG building on 16 April 2015 …PGG003s missing … the Sheriff cars still looking nice and new …PGG002s missing